NBT rallies are full of fun with a purpose. Each day children and teens arrive to your church for 3 hours of enthusiasm and evangelism.


Reaching the Most Responsive Mission Field

The rallies for children are saturated with the Bible and biblical principles that will give every booster a right view of God and our Savior Jesus Christ. The schedule has been carefully created and allows every child to learn the truths of creation, salvation, holy living, and obedience to the Word of God. Our exciting five day story told by the evangelist will keep every child on the edge of their seat as the story builds upon itself each day with unexpected twists and turns. The story arrests their hearts to listen to the evangelist as the Gospel is clearly given. Each day is filled with biblical truths and principles that stir the believer to holy living and obedience to the Scriptures. The same story is also used by the Holy Spirit to convict the unconverted of their individual need for a Savior. Through competition, winning and earning ribbons, repetition, songs, action activities, handbooks, a mystery room, the missionary secret, Scripture memory, the penny offering, and inviting friends the week builds with new children participating from your little Jerusalem each day. At the end of the week you will have many sweet memories that will last a lifetime. There will be much fruit from the week and many open doors at the homes of those who attended during the week. 



Reaching Today's Teens

 As you know, teenagers are looking for something to be complete or to find something to fill their emptiness. What a heart-wrenching site to see teens trying to find happiness in the temporal joys of drugs, sex, alcohol, rebellion, or the false religions of morality and good works. We know that the result is chasing more of the same counterfeit life. The only answer is the truth of God’s Word and the power of the Gospel. God has continued to use NBT because He is glorified through the changed lives of many of the teens who attend NBT rallies. Jesus Christ is exalted in every rally as Lord and Savior.   


The teens meet each evening for highly intense competition, messy food games, and skits. The center of each one of our rallies is the preaching of God’s Word. Each night young people will be challenged from the Word of God to face their own mortality and for each believer to become obedient to God’s Word. The teen evangelist will pour his life into your youth group each night. The week will build each night toward Thursday night and will climax with food, testimonies of decisions made throughout the week, and preaching by the bonfire. The preaching each night will be challenging, evangelistic, and relevant to every teenager. Each year we see many precious conversions of the unsaved as well as decisions among the core youth group for holy living.  I hope you will consider reaching out to the teens in your neighborhood. It will make a difference!


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