Neighborhood Bible Time is an exciting program for young men preparing for the ministry. The Evangelists are key to the excitement of an NBT rally.

NBT recruits young men from various fundamental Bible Colleges in the United States. In mid-May the Evangelists come to our training site for three weeks of very intense preparation and training. Not only do the Evangelists receive classroom instruction, they also receive practical, hands-on experience as well. During their three weeks in training they are involved in a practice rally.

After training, the young men are placed in teams of two and sent on circuits to a total of about 75-100 churches across America and overseas. The Evangelists travel for 3-4 weeks, then return to the training site for a week of R&R during the week of July 4th. After this week of extra training and activities, the men leave to finish their summer circuits. Some of the men will be in up to as many as nine different churches over the summer months.

The Evangelists bring lots of enthusiasm to each church. The young people love the Evangelists and a spirit of revival is generated in the church and community. Hundreds hear the Gospel presented clearly as the Evangelists preach, tell stories, and do Gospel tricks. Many of the young people make decisions to be saved during the Bible Time Rally. The teaching stresses consecration and dedication for the Christian young people.

Many of the Evangelists return to travel a second and third year. Some say the reason they return is because they see so many young people saved. They also are able to influence so many young lives spiritually.

The young men come to NBT on faith. The love offerings that they receive is not enough to pay for a year's tuition so they must trust the Lord to provide their needs. Some of the Evangelists raise financial support through a Summer Missionary Support Team Program. We appreciate the character these men exhibit as they train, travel, and represent Bible Time and the Lord.

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