The Program

Xtreme Impact (XI) is a weekend teen program that involves competitions, preaching, teaching, and soul winning. Teenagers are the next generation - they are our future leaders, laymen, deacons, pastors, and missionaries. Let us help you impact your teens by  training and discipling your young people with this dynamic, godly program that will be a blessing to your teenagers, to you as a pastor, and to the families of your church.


The Goal

The goal of XI is twofold - to help reinforce the importance of godly living to your youth group and to help your young people develop a right view of God. By teaching teens about the proper view of God, we believe they will gain a proper view of their own sin and the importance of holiness, both in their mind and body. It will be a weekend of decision and dedication that will help thrust the youth group forward to be a vibrant, active, godly youth group.


The Schedule

Xtreme Impact begins on Friday evening and concludes on Sunday evening. On Friday, the teens would come to the church for food, games, preaching, and workshops on devotions and godly living. We desire Friday night to be a lock in, with the teens spending the night at the church. If this were not possible, they would leave at 10:00 or 11:00 pm and return on Saturday morning.


Saturday morning is dedicated to preaching and workshops on soul winning. On Saturday afternoon, the youth group would go out into the community for door-to-door soul winning and inviting teens from the community to join them for an evangelistic activity that evening. The evening would conclude around 9:00 pm.


On Sunday morning, the NBT staff evangelist would preach to the teens during Sunday school. Sunday evening, the teens would give testimonies of the decisions that were made over the weekend and the evangelist would preach a message designed to strengthen the relationship between parents and teens.


The Cost

The church will be responsible for a base fee of $50, the cost of travel for the evangelist, housing for the evangelist, and a love offering for the evangelist. If you charge each person attending five dollars, you will be able to offset some of your costs.


Scheduling Xtreme Impact for Your Teens

Please contact Larry Koontz for more information or to schedule an XI weekend for your teens! You may contact him via at External link opens in new tab or window[email protected] or via phone at either (800) 737-6613 or (847)971-4909.